NMD 100 Final Project: ScreenCast

Direct link to the collaborators of the screenCast:
Title Description Video
Full Screencast News Report in 2025.
Clip 1 Mile Pretlove made a report about the release of the new "GooglePlex".
Clip 2 Eric Morrison edited a clip from the live interview.
Clip 3 Julian Hubbard reports on the shut down Apple factory.
Clip 4 Edited the news report.
  • Meo Pourreyron

    I am all about pushing my boundaries. Expressing my vision through my work. Being innovative. Seeing the world through other people’s eyes..

  • Eric Morrison

    I have always loved art, I have improved myself as an artist to try to be well rounded in many aspects of art. I have also always loved computers and the advances in technology. This is why I am studying New Media. I enjoy film....

  • Miles Pretlove

    When I was directed to the New Media program, I had no clue what to expect. Struggling through BIO, I finally decided that it was the time to get back to my passions. Music has always the most important part of my life...

  • Julian Hubbard

    I’m studying New Media to further broaden my skills and abilities in the field of art and technology, because I really want to just learn new stuff and get better in anyway I possibly can. What motivates me? Thats an awesome question...